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About Us

Learn more about the
Being Positioned team.

About Us

Learn more about the
Being Positioned team.

Our Mission

Being Positioned is a nonprofit organization that seeks to empower and improve the lives of individuals living with rare genetic disorders. Our mission is to help each person discover purpose through traveling, building community, and creating memorable experiences.

What is Being Positioned?

In August 2016, Christina found herself unemployed and depressed. After finishing graduate school, getting married, and moving to Florida – the dust had settled, and now there was nothing left to distract her from her NF2 diagnosis.

One day, while listening to the radio, a woman explained that when we feel lost or stuck, that’s when God is strategically positioning us to do something greater. The idea of Being Positioned immediately shifted Christina’s perspective. From that day on, she discovered a new hope and a sense of purpose. She knew that her biggest struggles would soon turn into her greatest gifts. And that no matter how much she had to suffer, something good was going to come from her condition.

Regardless of religious beliefs, the idea of Being Positioned can offer hope for everyone. No matter what you’re facing right now, you have a purpose and good things can come from your suffering.

Our Values

At Being Positioned we hope that our journeys will inspire individuals to focus more on…


Living with a rare genetic disorder is hard – but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an adventure! We believe in the importance of taking chances, finding the fun in everything, and never taking life too seriously.


Your body might be flawed and you might feel broken, but you are still valuable. In fact, we believe your condition is part of what makes you so special! You deserve to always wear your invisible crown.


You can blossom wherever life plants you. We believe it’s possible for your condition to help you flourish and thrive! We know it may not always feel like it, but good things can come from your disorder.

Who We Are


We are a small team based in Alpharetta, GA. All journeys are planned with the help of a certified travel agent, Michaela Nuckels. She serves on our board of directors and you can learn more about Michaela and her company here.

Christina Menkemeller


Born and raised in Texas, Christina moved to Orlando shortly after getting married. She has a master’s degree in Social Work, enjoys backpacking with her husband, and is an avid fan of Gilmore Girls – just ask her dog Rory.

Michaela Nuckels


As a Travel Advisor specializing in All-Inclusive Vacations, Cruises, European Tours, and Theme Park Travel, Michaela has extensive knowledge of popular destinations all around the world. Additionally, she assists with itinerary planning, providing insider tips, and delivering personalized service to ensure a seamless and unforgettable vacation experience.

Board of Directors


Christina Menkemeller

Executive Director
Orlando, FL


Brooke Boudreaux

Managing Director of Finance
& Operations
Houston, TX


Heather Hambrick

VP of Operations
Frisco, TX


Chelsea Antonetti

Director of Communications
Austin, TX


Haley O’Reilly

Physician Assistant, Sr.
Alpharetta, GA


Michaela Nuckels

Senior Travel Agent
Owasso, OK


Michael Preininger

Chief Revenue Officer
Franklin, TN


Paul Zanardo

Zanardo Dezignz, LLC
Lawrenceville, GA


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